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Welcome to Old City Jerusalem Gifts, your online retail (and wholesale!) store for some of the finest gifts from the holy land including judaica jewlery and olive wood from Israel.

Retailers or suppliers who wish to know discounted prices (based on quantity) can send us an email with the items and volume they are interested in (see "Contact Information").
Our store in the old city of Jerusalem operates not just as a shop but also as minstry reaching into the heart of Jerusalem with the good news. We are here in the midlle the crhistian quarter road believing that this is our place keeping Jerusalem co existing with truthful business.

Gift sections include jewellery, woodwork, handcrafts, Judaica and other miscellaneous items. We're confident that everyone will find something to enjoy in every good season Easter, Christmas! zak

Welcome to Old City Jerusalem Gifts

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Our store is located in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel. Zak24 has provided antiquities and gifts for two generations and has been visited by clients from all over the world. Our unique location allows us to provide patrons with a comprehensive selection of wide-ranging merchandise from one of the most fascinating regions of history.
Today Jerusalem is home to one of the most diverse mixtures of religions, nations and cultures gathered together in one place - each one contributing to the interest of products we offer in our store.
Old City Jerusalem Gifts is committed to providing one of the finest selections of ancient coins, ancient pottery, antiquities items from Jerusalem, Israel.
Welcome to Old City Jerusalem Gifts1
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